"I own a brand and I am looking to outsource my design and production!"

Welcome, you have come to the right place! At Creative Bee, we understand that production can at times be daunting, especially when you are busy trying to focus on growing your brand. So, from the weaving to finishing, we offer end-to-end white-label production for your brand. You may choose to incorporate any of our techniques into your collection and pick from a huge range of fibres and weaves.

We also offer complete customisation of products to match your brand's ideology - from pattern, to design, to colourways and textures - we can help make your products stand out anywhere - even at the Fashion Week! Owing to our unfaltering dedication towards preserving our customers' design exclusivity, some of the leading fashion and lifestyle brands from around the world come to us for their production. From fabrics, garments and accessories to home furnishings to home decor, whatever your production needs may be, we can do it for you!

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   "My production is in-house but I am looking to outsource design."

Look no further! Having started out as a Design Studio over 3 decades ago, designing is one of our core competencies. We are a one-stop solution to help established and up-and-coming brands to quickly design a collection in a matter of weeks! With over 3 decades of experience in helping brands design their seasonal collections and an uncanny insight into changing fashion trends, we at Creative Bee have put together entire collections for some of India's top fashion, lifestyle and designer brands. You can choose from a catalogue of thousands of patterns, prints and ensembles to see what fits your brand's aesthetic. And if you do not find anything you like in our archives, we will design something special just for you. This is designing - made easy!

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   "I like what you do, but my brand and I are not based in India."

Not to worry! For the past 3 decades, we have been working with boutiques and chain-stores from all over the world. Our sampling-before-confirmation process allows you to exchange detailed order notes with us, and convey modifications what we ultimately make looks just as you had imagined it would - if not better!

Some of the countries we currently export to include the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Turkey, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia - to name a few. Our Fibres and Natural Dyes have been diligently tested and have been found to be globally approved and meeting the Import Standards of every single country in the world.

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   "I would like to learn your techniques."

Well, you're in luck! Part of reviving ancient hand-techniques for us is their survival and their longevity. We believe that these techniques belong not just to us, but to the entire humankind. By spreading this knowledge - of eco-friendly, sustainable production - we hope to do our bit for the planet and to create livelihood along the way.

Creative Bee and its founders have, to date, trained thousands of potential artisans people such as yourself in Design Development, Handloom Weaving, Natural Dye, Shibori/Tie-Dye Handicraft, Fibrecraft, Metalcrafts, Entrepreneurship, and many other skills. We have worked in many parts of India, Africa, Australia and Southeast Asia, doing training projects and workshops for global agencies such as the United Nations, for Central & State Governments, for Non-profits and for individual enthusiasts.  

We also do hobbyist workshops in various skills for groups of 5 - 25 at our Natural Dye Farm and various locations in Hyderabad. Please refer to our "Events" section on the homepage to know about upcoming workshops.

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